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Basement Exterior

Basement Exterior

One of the most efficient strategies to reduce fundamental energy loss and guard against moisture issues is to install a layer of exterior foam insulation. Our rigid insulation solutions keep the walls warm, which reduces the potential for condensation and protects the waterproof membrane from any damage. While fiberglass batts remain the most popular choice for insulating basement walls in Canada, there are more effective ways to insulate the exterior side of basement walls. This is because batt insulation products absorb and retain moisture, creating a favourable environment for mould growth. In other words, fibreglass batts act like a blotter that soaks up moisture and provides a breeding ground for mould.

What is the best way to insulate basement exterior in Canada? Over the past decade, more and more Canadians have been opting for foam insulation for their basements. The main advantage of foam insulation is that closed-cell foam doesn’t absorb moisture, which helps prevent mold growth. Additionally, foam provides a continuous layer of insulation without cracks or crevices when installed directly onto basement walls. 

Compared to batt insulations, foam has a much higher effective R-value per inch of thickness. Finally, closed-cell foam insulations that are two inches or thicker can act as vapor and air barriers, making them an excellent choice for insulating basement walls.

When it comes to insulating the exterior basement, Canada National Insulation is the perfect choice for you.

Pros of Basement exterior insulation
  • Staying Warm: Gaps, cracks, and poorly insulated walls can cause valuable warmth to escape your home. By installing insulation in your walls and ceiling, as well as your basement, you can increase comfort and reduce heating costs. During the winter, uninsulated walls not only create uncomfortable conditions in your basement but can also make the main floor unpleasant.
  • Moisture Concerns: Moisture from the ground can seep into the house through the walls. To prevent this, closed-cell SPF foam can be sprayed on the inside of the foundation. If fiberglass insulation is chosen for the exterior walls, ensure the vapour barrier meets local code requirements.
  • Lowers usage of energy: When you insulate the basement, there’s no place for warmth to escape. This maintains the desired temperature within the building, reducing energy consumption during variable weather.
How to Insulate Basement Walls
  • Spray Foam: Spray foam is a simple insulation material ideal for basements and damp areas. To prevent water vapour from migrating into finished basement rooms, close-cell spray foam is a good choice. Several benefits of spray foam include its increased structural stability, a significant vapour barrier, and the ability to cover pipes, wires, and other utilities easily. The main issues with spray foam are its cost (although this may improve over time) and the mess involved in the installation process. However, this is the ultimate insulation product if you can afford the price and the mess. Canada National Insulation provides basement exterior insulation installation to meet our clients’ requests.
  • Foam Board: One of the best methods when insulating your basement is to use foam board products. This method is frequently used and can be easily handled by DIY enthusiasts. Additionally, it is a more affordable option when compared to spray foam insulation, making it a great alternative
Professional Basement Exterior Insulation With Canada National Insulation

At Canada National Insulation, we take pride in our team of well-trained professionals in insulation installation. For basement exterior insulation, we take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and their homes. Our experts carefully assess the conditions of the basement and suggest the appropriate type of insulation to homeowners. We are committed to leaving our clients’ homes in better condition than when we arrived, and we make the best use of our technical team and equipment to achieve this goal.

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