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Exterior Walls

Exterior Walls

The exterior walls and roof protect everything and everyone inside a building. They also cover a large surface area, making them a prime area for preventing heat loss. Heat loss is primarily caused by inadequately insulated walls. Adding additional insulation to the outside walls of an older home during a renovation is an excellent way to enhance a home’s warmth, reduce energy consumption, lower heating bills, reduce the carbon footprint, and improve the building’s comfort level.

Applying Spray Foam Insulation to the exterior walls of your home is more accessible than traditional batt insulation. This method eliminates drafts and makes your home more comfortable throughout the year.

How to Insulate Exterior House Walls

To correctly add protection to the outside of a home, it is crucial to determine the climate zone and the current structure of the wall. The exterior wall structure can dry out properly if it experiences occasional leaks due to condensation points. This is important to prevent moisture from accumulating and causing potential harm to the integrity of the wall.

When it comes to insulation, it’s essential to insulate the exterior walls to keep your living space well-insulated. This is particularly important for areas that are not conditioned, such as garages or attic storage spaces. You don’t need to insulate between regions that are already prepared. However, if you’re adding a room or finishing an unfinished area, insulating the exterior walls is essential to ensure your living space remains adequately insulated.

Exterior insulation involves more than simply applying and installing an insulation product. Getting an insulation system from a competent contractor ensures proper airflow and moisture management. The contractor will meticulously choose a suitable product that matches the required purpose and application. Additionally, they will provide you with technical knowledge and certified installers to ensure that your home receives the best performance possible.

Pros Of Wall Exterior Insulation
  • Ease of installation: because they are installed on the outside, less elaboration is required, and more full covering is needed. With fewer junctions, there are fewer places where wind and moisture can infiltrate over time.
  • External insulation keeps internal sections pleasant, such as your structure, reducing the possibility of condensation.
  • Suitable for air pressure and contributes to the formation of a pressured balanced rain screening system.
  • Allows for more frequent air tightness testing.
Choose the Best

Your home’s exterior walls are the first defence against the outdoor environment. Insulating these walls allows you to control the heat flow in and out of your home, ensuring energy efficiency. Proper exterior wall insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Choosing the right insulation product and application can be challenging, so hiring an experienced insulation contractor like Canada National Insulation is essential. 

Our contractors will provide a high-quality insulation system that ensures proper airflow, ventilation, circulation, and moisture management. Regarding exterior wall insulation, high R-values and low air leakage are necessary. The main objective of good exterior insulation is to prevent airflow, which means preventing heated air from leaving your home in the winter and hot air from entering your home in the summer.

You can use several ways and products for insulating your exterior walls, including fiberglass or rigid foam. An expert insulation contractor on your team will enable you to make the best decisions and stay informed throughout the process. At Canada National Insulation, we only provide services from our highly experienced insulation contractors, who are dedicated to meeting all your needs. Get in touch with us today to receive a quote or schedule a consultation!

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