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Commercial Exteriors

Commercial Exteriors

Insulating a commercial structure is the most common and reliable way to ensure its interior is comfortable. The benefits of home insulation or protected structures are well-known. However, with the help of professionals, it’s essential to insulate different areas of the structure with the proper R-value. Doing so can significantly improve the thermal conditions of these structures for years.

The exterior walls and the roof act as a protective barrier for any building, safeguarding the occupants and belongings. As they cover the largest surface area, it is essential to ensure that they are well-insulated to prevent heat loss. Mostly, heat is lost through poorly insulated walls.

Insulating the exterior walls of a commercial building with Canada National Insulation can help create warm and energy-efficient living spaces while ensuring compliance with modern building standards. In addition to these benefits, Canada National Insulation can improve acoustics, indoor comfort, and fire safety. Learn more about the importance of exterior wall insulation and its positive impacts.

Why Should You Insulate Your Walls?

It’s common for warm air to escape through walls in any structure easily. It becomes even more accessible for warm air in older homes with solid and uninsulated walls to seep through. Commercial exterior insulation involves inserting insulating material between the layers of the wall to create a thermal envelope in your home. This helps maintain a consistent temperature, making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Why do we need exterior wall insulation?

Heat loss or penetration commonly occurs in most buildings through the outside walls. However, this issue can be significantly improved with exterior wall insulation, enhancing the building’s energy efficiency while reducing fuel or cooling costs and cutting CO2 emissions.

The exterior wall can take many forms and shapes. Domestic, and commercial buildings can benefit from cavity walls, rendered systems, and facade cladding. External walls each have their advantages and disadvantages. By ensuring good energy performance and meeting local requirements, they appeal to building owners differently.

Benefits Of Exterior Wall Insulation

It functions as a moisture-absorbing agent, forming a barrier against water collection and shielding your walls from dampness or grime. Exterior wall insulation improves energy usage and sustainability.

 External wall insulation dampens both internal and external disturbances. Its sound-proofing properties make it stand out. It is inexpensive and reduces energy expenses, which might be relatively high. 

How Much R-Value Is Required for Commercial Exterior Insulation?

Insulation’s ability is determined by its R-value, which should be higher for better performance. The R-value required depends on the location, living conditions, and the specific parts of your home that you want to be insulated. Different insulation levels exist for different climates, corners, and spaces of your home. It is generally recommended to have an R-value ranging from R-13 to R-23 for exterior walls. Depending on the type of insulation material and the size of the frame, R-values range between R-12 and R-15.

Why choose us?

Wall insulation is typically done on the exterior walls of most buildings, including the basement. To ensure that you get the most suitable insulation for your building, we recommend that you hire our professional insulation contractors and installers. We use advanced equipment to provide excellent insulation services, and our team consists of qualified professionals who will advise you on the best insulation options. By providing continuous insulation for both residential and commercial buildings, our commercial exterior insulation is essential to developing energy-efficient walls.

At Canada National Insulation, we provide quality services for insulation installation, insulation removal, and mold removal. Our versatile set of external wall solutions harnesses the power of stone.

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