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Flat Roof Insulation

Flat Roof Insulation

Did you know that a significant portion % of your home’s heat loss, up to 50 to 70%, occurs through the ceilings? With rising energy costs, having the right insulation system can save money, reduce energy usage and make your home more comfortable. 

Open attic spaces, flat roof rafter cavities, access ceiling panels, pot lights, and other ceiling breaches can all contribute to this significant heat loss. As hot air rises and cooler air stays lower to the ground, increasing the insulation on top of the ceiling material can reduce transmission of heat loss. Fortunately, boosting insulation in open attic areas and flat roof constructions can assist with this issue. Water-impermeable products can also support your flat roof and reaffirm the structure.

The Optimal Insulation Choice For Flat Roof Insulation

  • Spray Foam Insulation: Spray foam insulation fills cavities and creates an airtight seal by expanding. Closed-cell spray foam insulation typically has a high R-value, providing excellent thermal performance.
  • Blown-in Fiberglass or Cellulose: Loose-fill insulation, such as blown-in fiberglass or cellulose, can cover hard-to-reach areas and effectively insulate uneven spaces to achieve high R-values.

Benefits Of Flat Roof Insulation

  • Resistance
    Flat roofs are prone to water and substance buildup, leading to leakage, mold growth, and other unpleasant issues. Insulating your flat roof is highly recommended to prevent such problems and ensure a healthy living space. 
  • Structural Integrity
    Insulation, particularly closed-cell foam insulation, can enhance the structural integrity of your flat roof. This results in a sturdier roof that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Flat roofs are especially vulnerable to extreme weather, so our team of experts at Canada National Insulation recommends insulating them for better protection.
  • Flexible
    Insulating your roof has many benefits. One significant advantage is that it keeps your roof warm and creates breathable conditions, preventing moisture buildup. Experts at Canada National Insulation can protect your home from mold and maintain its structure with flat roof insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation for Flat Roofs

For insulating your flat roof, our experts recommend using a specific type of spray foam insulation that can help increase the value and lifespan of your home. Because of its dense and water-impermeable qualities, closed-cell foam insulation is preferred by industry experts. 

However, due to its superior qualities, spray foam insulation for flat roofs may be ideal for your needs. At Canada National Insulation, we install closed-cell spray foam insulation in Toronto that provides:

  • Excellent R-value
  • Good surface adhesion.
  • Superior penetration into locations where other insulating materials cannot reach

Our team at Canada National Insulation installs high-quality foam insulation in Toronto, arguably the best in the market. Our team of experts lays the roofing material and insulation to ensure proper airflow through the structure. In cases where the joists are shallow, we apply spray foam insulation to insulate the space. We determine the best insulation solution for other scenarios to achieve the desired results. With this, you can insulate your home to a high standard, as the material expands into foam when sprayed over an existing roof or other surface that requires additional protection from temperature extremes. 

Why choose us?

At Canada National Insulation, our team has extensive experience as contractors in the insulation industry. We are committed to offering fair pricing and efficient services. As part of every commercial project, our team adheres to the highest level of professionalism and uses the highest quality products, such as polyurethane spray foam. We use polyurethane spray foam on the roof and apply 2lb inside homes.

When you contact us for flat roof insulation in Toronto, our team is fully dedicated to you. From the initial estimate to installation day, we are here to support you.

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