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Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal Services

If you are a property owner considering insulation removal, there is likely a good reason behind it. In some cases, it may have already been recommended. It may be hard to believe, but sometimes too much insulation is installed, such as in the attic, which restricts efficient airflow and prevents proper ventilation. In the basement, insulation removal may be necessary due to mold growth. The worst-case scenario is removing existing insulation because it was made from harmful or hazardous materials, such as vermiculite or asbestos.

It is crucial to remove old insulation to prevent issues with new insulation, such as leaks, cracks, or other hazards. It’s easier to remove blown-in insulation than batts.

Trust only professional contractors to dispose of insulation safely. If you are looking for a practical approach to insulation removal, Canada National Insulation can help you with a professional course of action. Our advanced equipment ensures proper removal of old insulation for effective installation of new insulation. 

When should you get rid of outdated insulation?
  • Mould Removal: In cases where a renovation leads to the discovery of mold in existing insulation, it is essential to remove the insulation to guarantee the safety and health of those living or working in the home or building.
  • Smoke Injuries: If a building or home being renovated has been damaged by smoke or fire, removing insulation is crucial to eliminating the scent of smoke.
  • Infestation: Renovations can often lead to the discovery of vermin nests in the existing insulation, just like mould. In such cases, removing the insulation is necessary to prevent any potential health risks and ensure no more animal nests are hidden within.
Why is Insulation Removal necessary?

Proper insulation installation is crucial for every homeowner, but can it last forever? Unfortunately, complications and mistakes can occur during the installation process. Removing the old insulation first is essential when you plan to install new insulation. However, removing it could be time-consuming and challenging, requiring specific techniques and tools. It’s advisable to seek professional help rather than doing it yourself to ensure the work is done correctly and avoid any adverse consequences.

At Canada National Insulation, we have the expertise to remove any unwanted insulation from your building, including fiberglass, batt insulation, and combinations of batts and blown-in insulation. 

Types of Insulation Removal
Over time, insulation may degrade and lose its effectiveness. The type of insulation installed will determine the process for removal.
It is always better to seek professional assistance rather than attempting to handle fiberglass insulation independently. Fiberglass insulation comprises tiny glass fibres that can stick to your skin upon direct contact, causing itchiness in your hands, eyebrows, and hair. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professionals to install fibreglass insulation.

Removing insulation can be chaotic and exhausting, especially with cellulose insulation. The first challenge is that homes must be airtight, making it difficult to work with cellulose. While you may consider doing it yourself and investing in safety equipment, there is a risk of something going wrong during the removal process. Insulation removal can be made easy and safe with the help of experts.

Although this insulation has not been proven harmful to health, it may contain asbestos fibres, which can lead to respiratory issues if inhaled. The insulation should be left undisturbed whenever possible, but specific precautions should be taken if it must be disturbed. However, removing vermiculite insulation should only be done by experts to avoid respiratory problems.
Asbestos is commonly used in various materials and products due to its affordability, durability, and fire-resistant properties. However, it causes health hazards. Although insulation removal has disadvantages, removing asbestos alone can be dangerous and cause health hazards. To ensure safety and proper handling of hazardous materials, it is highly recommended to contact a professional insulation removal service provider.
Why Choose Us?

At Canada National Insulation, our knowledgeable teams use the proper equipment to complete your insulation project safely and effectively. Our experience has shown that installing new insulation after removing the existing one leads to better performance and increased energy efficiency. The installation process will be handled from beginning to end by our skilled contractors. We understand the intricacies of insulation removal and are here to assist you. So, please don’t take the risk of doing it yourself.

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