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Sloped Roof Insulation

Sloped Roof Insulation

Insulating low-slope residential roofs is a crucial task that requires proper attention and care to ensure long-lasting results. These roofs are usually nearly flat or completely flat, and they come in various constructions, some with attic space and others with very little. This insulation work must be completed with the right techniques, including proper sealing to make the space airtight and appropriate ventilation. 

Before insulation is installed, insulation contractors typically address any roof inadequacies. Roofs usually leak air, and attics often lack proper ventilation, which both require retrofitting to ensure that installed insulation performs to the best of its ability. Failing to seal and ventilate properly can lead to moisture accumulation, rendering the insulation ineffective.

Canada National Insulation offers Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing insulation systems that can help you save energy and create a comfortable space for your commercial building’s occupants. The SPF can adhere to almost any roofing material. Installing sloped roofing insulation on your commercial structure has numerous benefits, including:

  • No air leaks 
  • Outstanding wind resistance 
  • Excellent insulating value 
  • Small size 
  • No asbestos 
  • Sticks to practically any surface 
  • Reduces building mobility
Tailored Solution To Fit Your Sloped Roofs Insulating Needs
  • Keeping low-slope roofs ventilated is imperative. Neglecting it can lead to many problems, the most significant of which is moisture build-up that can cause severe damage. This can compromise the R-values of existing insulation and create a breeding ground for mold. 
  • Therefore, it’s better to install a complete insulation system correctly the first time than to risk future damage that may require extensive reconstruction. Such a system should comprise sealing, insulation, and ventilation.
  • For low-slope roofs, spray polyurethane foam insulation is often recommended by experts. This method effectively seals the roof airtight, prevents moisture collection, blocks unwanted air leakage, and provides thermal insulation.
  • Insulating a low-slope residential roof is a specialized task requiring professional insulation contractors’ expertise.
  • They know moisture dynamics, understand the performance capacity of different insulation products, and realize the significance of code-compliant ventilation. 
  • To ensure high-quality results, installers must be highly skilled and able to collaborate effectively with other trades, especially when retrofitting is involved. Any different approach would compromise the project’s quality and pose a risk to the insulation’s performance.

Properly insulating low-slope roofs depends entirely on the experience and expertise of a professional. When choosing the right insulation product, whether it’s blown insulation, batt insulation or spray foam, it’s essential to focus on quality. This includes adhering to applicable building codes, installing everything according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and doing it right the first time. By taking these steps, you can ensure the best short-term and long-term outcomes.

Choosing the appropriate sloped roof insulation specialist for your project

Insulation boards can be installed dry and are compatible with partially bonded torch-applied waterproofing, mechanically fixed waterproofing, and related waterproofing systems. At Canada National Insulation, we offer a sloped design service to help you find the most cost-effective insulation solution for your project, including a specification for adequate rainwater run-off. By providing safe, energy-efficient, sustainable living solutions, we help homeowners and builders reduce their carbon footprint.

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