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Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing

Protecting your property from the devastating and rapid effects of fire is essential. Fireproofing is an intelligent way to ensure all necessary precautionary measures are in place. By using the proper fireproofing procedures and methods, you can have more control over the process and slow it down.

Canada National Insulation offers fireproofing services for residential and commercial clients to prevent damage from fires and smoke. Because we know that fires can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, we offer fireproofing services to protect your home in the event of a fire. Our team of experts specializes in spray-applied fireproofing (SFRM) for structural steel, including cementitious high-density, medium-density, and low-density options and intumescent spray-applied fireproofing (IFRM). Whether it’s a small project or a complex high-rise, our mission is to provide exceptional, certified service at an affordable price.

Is Fireproof Coating Effective?

Ensuring that your home or business is fireproof is of utmost importance, regardless of the type of protection you opt for. A fire can cause immense damage to your property, leading to repair and replacement costs that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, a new fire-resistant paint option is available that can effectively halt the spread of a deadly blaze.

There are two types of fire-resistant coatings available to protect your structure against fire: intumescent fireproofing paint and intumescent fireproofing coating. Organizations, homeowners, and even historical structures can protect their properties from fires by utilizing this innovative technology that meets or exceeds most fire safety industry regulations. For historic properties that have to adhere to local codes while maintaining their historic integrity, fireproof paint can be an excellent solution that meets fire code standards and regulations. Intumescent Fireproofing Paint can easily be applied to studs, walls, doors, and window ledges. You can apply it in any manner you prefer to paint over it, whether it’s rolled, sprayed, or brushed.

What effect does fireproofing have on the structure?
  • It maintains structural steel under the threshold of danger.
  • If structural steel is not fireproofed, it might break fire barriers and cause a building to fall, avoiding complete damage to the structures.
  • It maintains electrical systems below the critical point and keeps them functioning
  • It protects the owner from large monetary damages; and lowers coverage prices.
Our Reliable Team of Certified Fireproofing Professionals

With our expertise in various insulation services, we assure our clients of consistent and high-quality installation service. Our team thoroughly inspects your entire property and provides you with expert recommendations. Whether it’s a small or large project, our team is fully dedicated to delivering high-quality fireproofing services. 

 At Canada National Insulation, our goal is to maintain the quality of our services and provide efficient installation tailored to our client’s preferences. You can trust our certified experts, who work hard to provide the best results at a very reasonable price. We can handle multiple services, including spray foam insulation and more. 

What Makes Us the Best Option?

If you need fireproofing contractors for your building, look no further than Canada National Insulation. Our team of technical experts and installers will ensure a hassle-free installation that meets all architectural and code requirements for fire ratings. With our confidence and experience, you can trust us to provide the fireproofing solutions you need. We are dedicated to delivering unmatched services at competitive prices. We recognize that each client has particular needs, and our expertise allows us to make trained advice on the best solution for your project.

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As well as reducing your carbon footprint once you’ve optimised your home’s insulation, you can heat your building more efficiently

At Canada National Insulation, we strive to offer superior spray foam insulation services, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our highly trained team adheres to the highest professional standards, ensuring exceptional residential and commercial installation services at every stage of your insulation project. Our extensive experience and equipment in spray foam insulation enable us to handle a wide range of insulation projects, no matter how big or small.